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THE DAY AFTER (TDA) is ’the home of popular culture’. The first of its kind; TDA is a UK based daily show emerging from within Black British culture dedicated to bringing you original, fresh & up-to-date content. Unfiltered, undiluted and with no holds barred! Dropping every weekday from 7pm, tune in to stay up to date with current news, trending topics and experience the very best interviews with your favourite artists, entertainers, educators, celebrities and influencers. Prepare to be entertained by a fearless, engaging & cohesive lineup of hosts; Margs, Qoy, Esther and Yusuff, who promise to deliver the most creative & freshest take yet on The Culture’s news and entertainment. For those of you who are visual and want that immersive experience, head on over to our Patreon ( as we are building an interactive community there, with exclusive access to the hosts and opportunities to grow your social media presence amongst our global audience. You will have a front-row seat whilst THE NEW BLXCK renaissance is documented DAILY. #TheDayAfter #TDA

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Monday Jul 25, 2022

Today on The Day After, (17:46) Headlines: Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss criticised for Rwanda asylum scheme, Did Rwanda finesse the UK? (25:37) What You Sayin? Women wants to give her kids away, says she doesn’t want them anymore (49:29) Headlines: Russia look for allies in Africa, 21 hour delays at the Channel Tunnel (54:39) Word On Road: Colourism: Keke Palmer v. Zendaya comparisons, Black Panther trailer, tribute to Chadwick Boseman, Loski v. Digga D & Loski’s baby mum, Stripper selling prince harry underwear (01:14:35) Asking For A Friend (01:23:55) Love Island:The Day After (01:47:05) Headlines: Chess Robot breaks a kid’s finger, Ecclestones offers up a £6m reward for her stolen jewellery (01:51:07) Done Out 'Ere: Man who raped 12 yr olds he groomed on Snap (01:55:17) Outro

Friday Jul 22, 2022

Today on The Day After, (18:27) Headlines: Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss campaign to become PM, Man cleared of killing his terminally ill wife (25:50) What You Sayin? What could you do to/for your loved one? (01:15:56) Headlines: Prince William and Harry’s ex nanny vindicated, Tenant lay dead for 2 years in flat whilst landlord collected Universal Credit (01:20:5) Word On Road: Trina’s niece shot and killed in Miami, Beyoncé album credits - Tems, Drake, p2j music, Sza’s manager talks about her delayed album, Love island for the middle aged coming next year (01:31:05) The People's Journal: Increased interest rates could cost UK £5bn extra for Brexit, LIz Truss’ economic plan for the UK (01:40:01) Sis What Would You Do? (02:00:12) Love Island:The Day After (02:19:30) Headlines: Joe Biden gets covid, Russia try to shut down Jewish Agency (02:27:11) Done Out 'Ere: Couple who faked having dementia in 600k scam (01:35:50) Outro

Thursday Jul 21, 2022

Today on The Day After, (06:47) Headlines: Rishi Sunak will take on Liz Truss to become PM, Asylum scheme flights to Rwanda potentially delayed until 2023 (13:36) What You Sayin? What do you look for and need in your friendships? (28:40) Headlines: Love Island receives 3600 ofcom complaints, 89 year old jailed for life for murdering his wife (32:57) Word On Road: Beyoncé releases tracklist, Spac nation can no longer operate as a charity, Fenty hair, Metro boomin act of kindness (39:09) The People's Journal:  (45:32) Woke Or Joke? ARE THEY TRYING TO GET US USED TO PRIVATISED HEALTHCARE? (57:25) Love Island:The Day After (01:20:09) Headlines: Novac Djokovic will not play in the US Open (01:22:42) Done Out 'Ere: Woman jailed for robbing Rolexes from the elderly (01:26:28) Outro

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Today on The Day After, (02:38) Headlines: The killing of Dea-John Reid (05:23) What You Sayin? How should Jurors be selected for cases? (36:45) Headlines: Rishi Sunak wins Round 3 of voting, Today will be the hottest day ever in the UK (42:56) Word On Road: Jae5 and his 25k beats, Sesame place, Rick Ross doesn’t eat ass but pees on girls (54:14) Asking For A Friend (01:03:43) Love Island:The Day After  (01:35:43) Headlines: Parkland shooter on trial and faces death penalty (01:37:44) Done Out 'Ere:  (01:45:14) Outro

Monday Jul 18, 2022

Today on The Day After, (05:32) Headlines: The Tory leadership rivals bring out the gloves, Unprecedented temperatures in the UK (15:42) What You Sayin? Honestly, in 2022, are the Tories really racist? (01:16:06) Headlines: Ghana confirms first case of Marburg, Racist Chinese filmmaker extradited to Malawi (1:20:55) Word On Road: Nick Cannon engaged? - what a great guy LOOL, Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck are married, Tiwa Savage honorary degree from University of Kent, OG Niki attacked by her baby father, Jacques speaks out since quitting Love Island (01:36:21) The Rotation: Ardee, Llyod Bank, Brent Fiyaz (01:51:57) Love Island: The Day After (02:15:20) Headlines: Man who left his family for his Ukrainian babes is broke and starts rapping, Another British soldier captured by Russians (02:21:03) Done Out 'Ere: Doctor Caught Raping Pregnant Woman Undergoing C-Section (02:26:29) Outro

Friday Jul 15, 2022

Today on The Day After, (05:35) Headlines: Sunak wins round 2 in the Tory leadership race (08:17) What You Sayin? Love vs Fear: Who would choose to be your ally? (27:46) Headlines: Bill Gates to give away his wealth, Emirates are beefing Heathrow airport (42:22) Word On Road: Ivana Trump passes away, Matthew Knowles words of advice, Elon Musk has a brother-nephew from his father-sister, Richard Blackwood, BBC news moving silly (01:05:12) Sis What Would You Do? (01:18:31) Love Island: The Day After (01:36:14) Headlines: Sri Lanka’s President officially resigns, Italy’s prime minister resigns (01:39:54) Done Out 'Ere:  (01:43:41) Outro

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Today on The Day After, (03:06) Headlines: Sunak wins round 1 in the Tory leadership race (06:31) What You Sayin? Who should be held more responsible: Love Island producers or Contestants? (18:32) Headlines: 21 people die mysteriously in South Africa, Tim Westwood back in the news with new allegations (24:03) Word On Road: Daniel Kaluya not in Black Panther, Khloe Kardashian & Tristan expecting second baby, Amber Heard appeal denied, Millie & Liam break up since Love Island 2021 win (36:00) Woke Or Joke?: Population Control  (57:21) Love Island: The Day After (01:23:21) Headlines: The Sri Lankan PM calls in the military, Euro drops below the dollar (01:27:25) Done Out 'Ere: MP does hit and run (01:38:03) Outro

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Today on The Day After, (11:41) Headlines: 8 remain in the Tory leadership race, No action to be taken against Mo Farah (16:21) What You Sayin? Favouritism or simply the right thing to do? (27:07) Headlines: Twitter take Elon Musk to court, The Sri Lankan president flees the country (33:46) Word On Road: Daniel Kaluuya almost quit acting, Boohoo charges for returns, Ian Wright claps back at Lord Sugar, New Nicki Minaj song - freaky girl, Limewire (59:34) Wellness Wednesdays: Quotes by Bernadine Evaristo  (01:08:57) Love Island: The Day After (01:39:12) Headlines: Covid threatens to disrupt the summer (01:40:44) Done Out 'Ere: Jacques (01:45:01) Outro

Tuesday Jul 12, 2022

Today on The Day After, (09:28) Headlines: Germany worried that Russia will shut off gas supply, Amber warning issued (14:07) What You Sayin? Does this pregnant lady have a point given Roe vs Wade is overturned? (27:56) Headlines: India to overtake China as the most populous by 2023, The Sri Lankan people finally get some fuel even if supplies are limited (56:34) Word On Road: Mo Farrah, Doja Cat (01:19:47) Love Island: The Day After (01:41:30) Headlines: More issues with British Airways, Santander Brixton gets robbed with ease (01:43:50) Done Out 'Ere: Santander Brixton (01:48:36) Outro

Monday Jul 11, 2022

Today on The Day After, (21:52) Headlines: 15 killed in shooting in South Africa, Heatwave in the UK (25:36) What You Sayin? So who is taking Boris’ job? (50:48) Headlines: Union warns civil servants may quit of pay, Sri Lankan protesters take over the residences of the prime minister and president (01:13:15) Word On Road: Soulja boy finds wizkid’s old tweet lol, R Kelly engaged, MP Kemi Badenoch running for PM, Celeb link up in London, Wireless catch-up, is London good vibes after all (01:37:27) The Rotation: Burna Boy, Ciara, Digga D (01:54:41) Love Island: The Day After (02:13:46) Outro


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