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THE DAY AFTER (TDA) is ’the home of popular culture’. The first of its kind; TDA is a UK based daily show emerging from within Black British culture dedicated to bringing you original, fresh & up-to-date content. Unfiltered, undiluted and with no holds barred! Dropping every weekday from 7pm, tune in to stay up to date with current news, trending topics and experience the very best interviews with your favourite artists, entertainers, educators, celebrities and influencers. Prepare to be entertained by a fearless, engaging & cohesive lineup of hosts; Margs, Qoy, Esther and Yusuff, who promise to deliver the most creative & freshest take yet on The Culture’s news and entertainment. For those of you who are visual and want that immersive experience, head on over to our Patreon ( as we are building an interactive community there, with exclusive access to the hosts and opportunities to grow your social media presence amongst our global audience. You will have a front-row seat whilst THE NEW BLXCK renaissance is documented DAILY. #TheDayAfter #TDA

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21 hours ago

Today on The Day After, (00:00) Intro (18:43) Headlines: Ceasefire in the Middle East, RIP Archie Battersbee(23:57) What You Sayin? What’s the best way to approach a babes?(59:25) Headlines: Tories call for a restart of the Rwanda scheme, Police strip-search figures - is anyone surprised?(01:07:03) Word On Road: R.I.P. Roger E. Mosley, Aliyah Marie Bee miscarriage, Maya Jama breakup rumour, Kim K & Pete Davidson breakup, Jackie Aina flamed over candles, KSI & Swarmz fight, Love Island reunion catch up(01:42:14) The People's Journal: (01:50:25) The Rotation(02:05:05) Headlines: Horniman museum to return Benin bronze treasures to Nigerian, Premier League round up  (02:32:34) Done Out 'Ere: Very Stupid Twins (02:38:14) Outro

4 days ago

Today on The Day After, (00:00) Intro (01:45) Headlines: Starmer fails to declare income, Brittney Griner given 9 years sentence in Russia(09:05) What You Sayin? What would you do for your citizens/people?(27:24) Headlines: Alex Jones told to pay $4m for Sandy Hook hoax claims, 4 officers charged in Breonna Taylor murder(40:31) Word On Road: Kem Cetinay collides with motorcyclist who dies, Doja Cat shaves off her hair & eyebrows, Crystal Smith has filed for divorce from Neyo, alleged new baby(55:02) The People's Journal: (01:14:31) Sis What Would You Do?(01:30:14) Headlines: The LGBT community press the govt on Monkeypox, (01:51:47) Headlines: Premier league players to receive sexual consent training(01:54:55) Outro

5 days ago

Today on The Day After, (00:00) Intro (20:05) Headlines: Sajid Javid endorses Liz Truss, More on the Archie Battersbee case (28:40) What You Sayin? How secure are you in your convictions?(01:05:29) Headlines: A man has been found guilty of killing stranger, Owami Davies is still missing - Police released CCTV to help(01:15:32) Word On Road: Warner Bros dump the new Batgirl movie, Men, be careful when you’re chopping, it might turn into an emoji for real LOOL, Everybody (still) hates Chris reboot, Chrissy Teagan pregnant, Alleged Nicki exposè(01:35:17) The People's Journal: Bank of England raise interest rates, No more working from home?, Britain is card fraud capital, Junior doctors' pay increase(01:49:31) Woke Or Joke(03:01:23) Headlines: RIP Roy Hackett(03:03:33) Done Out 'Ere: Rebekah Vardy for still lying about not doing it(03:08:07) Outro

6 days ago

Today on The Day After, (42:01) Headlines: China vex with America, Liz Truss has scraps plan to link public sector pay to local living costs (47:24) What You Sayin? She would get paid according to our roles or where we live? (01:04:39) Headlines: Migrants want in, Is Russia talking reckless? (01:50:49) Word On Road: Pa Salieu dropped from commonwealth games closing ceremony, Love Island voting stats, Gordon Ramsay & yummy sheep tiktok, Cardi B & Lady Leshurr, Beyoncé removes Kelis milkshake sample from energy (02:04:53) The People's Journal: Bank of England scraps mortgage affordability test (02:16:31) Wellness Wednesday: (02:25:10) Headlines: Man with crossbow is charged with treason.  (02:32:18) Outro

7 days ago

Today on The Day After, (16:11) Headlines: The Archie Battersbee case, Suspect accused of killing 9 year old appears in court (21:16) What You Sayin? Do we get what we deserve? (48:08) Headlines: MP Lucy Powell speaks up for Black teens given harsh sentence, Is there a lack of discipline in the Labour Party? (01:05:38) Word On Road: Beyonce to re-record song due to critique from Disabled community, Big brother is back, Ekin-Su and Davide win love island 2022 (01:18:04) The People's Journal: Bank of England scraps mortgage affordability test (01:21:58) Asking For A Friend:  (01:34:13) Love Island:The Day After (01:55:18) Headlines: Italian man beats Nigerian street vendor to death, The US kill Al-Qaeda leader (02:03:45) Outro

Monday Aug 01, 2022

Today on The Day After, (16:29) Headlines: Nadine Dorries criticised for retweeting backstabbing image of Rishi Sunak, Rebekah Vardy loses libel case to Coleen Rooney (26:45) What You Sayin? What is acceptable for a first date? (01:03:46) Headlines: Prince Charles accepts £1m donation from Bin Laden’s family, Are Labour changing for the worse, Black barrister wins compensation for discrimination (01:08:13) Word On Road: RIP Nichelle Nichols (the Black woman from Star Trek), Jada Pollock pregnant, wizkid’s baby maybe? Shakira facing 8 years in jail, Will Smith apologises, Neyo being the bad boy he is (01:33:23) The People's Journal: US Economy shrinks, Households can’t afford increase in energy bills, Nestle increase prices, Octopus energy to buy Bulb (01:38:36) The Rotation: Jae5, Wstrn, Beyonce, Lil Uzi Vert (01:59:37) Love Island:The Day After (02:31:41) Headlines: Algeria prefer English to French, RIP Bill Russell, England win Euro 2022 (02:44:43) Done Out 'Ere: Neyo & WIfe & Will Smith (02:49:29) Outro

Friday Jul 29, 2022

Today on The Day After, (03:35) Headlines: NHS to close the Tavistock child clinic, Germany city ban hot water and central heating (15:51) What You Sayin? Should men/women of God be humble and not floss - part 2 (43:09) Headlines: Knife killer given 38 years, Black barrister wins compensation for discrimination (50:43) Word On Road: Thomas Partey rape allegations, Grammy’s colonised afrobeats definition, Kelis calls out Beyonce , Beyoncé’s statement re leaked album, Prince William: #PrinceofPegging, Rooney Vs Vardy trial verdict today @ 12pm…we’ll let you know all about it on Monday. (01:30:49) The People's Journal: British Gas owner Centrica and Shell make hella profits, McDonalds up cheeseburger price (01:39:09) Sis What Would You Do? (01:47:59) Love Island:The Day After (02:10:22) Headlines: Turkish fans chant Putin’s name in football match, Boris Johnson gets married for the 3rd time  (02:15:04) Done Out 'Ere: GP struck off for prescribing sex change drugs to a 9 year old (and teens) (02:20:13) Outro

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Today on The Day After, (06:05) Headlines: Keir Starmer sacks minister for standing with rail strikes, Wuhan is back in lockdown after 4 new Covid cases (11:21) What You Sayin? Are men deceiving women with shape ups? (01:00:13) Headlines: 2 more Chibok girls found in Nigeria, More train strikes (01:03:51) Word On Road: Kate Ferdinand miscarriage news, Lil Duval crash, Lamar Odom wyling, Beyoncé album leaked (01:11:38) Woke Or Joke (01:21:37) Love Island:The Day After (01:34:28) Headlines: The Met Police fail again to sack senior Black officer (01:37:18) Done Out 'Ere: Transgender man tricked victims into having sex with him (01:43:41) Outro

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Today on The Day After, (03:02) Headlines: Host of Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss debate faints live on air, NY Bishop robbed of $1m during live streamed sermon (08:01) What You Sayin? Why can’t men/women of God wear flashy clothes and expensive jewellery? (38:54) Headlines: Egyptian tiktoker held in Saudi arabia over her posts, Evidence points to Covid starting in market and not a lab (50:22) Word On Road: Texas shooter claims to be Chris Brown’s wife, Beyoncé world’s greatest living entertainer, Fans worry about Coi Leray (01:00:05) Wellness Wednesdays  (01:07:23) Love Island:The Day After (01:26:55) Headlines: Archie Battersbee update. (01:29:04) Done Out 'Ere:  (01:33:46) Outro

Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

Today on The Day After, (06:00) Headlines: Rishi and Truss debate, Ryan Air sending shots. (15:15) What You Sayin? Should we normalise men getting manicures and pedicures? (01:41:51) Headlines: The MET didn't do anything over PartyGate, The UK to host Eurovision, The monkeys in Japan are moving mad (01:48:46) Word On Road: Not3s signed Addison Lee single for 50k, Nick Cannon welcomes 8th offspring, Kid Cudi storms off rolling loud stage (02:00:48) The People's Journal: Amazon increases Prime subscription, Rail strikes across Britain on 27 July, Supermarkets help with the cost of living (02:13:24) Asking For A Friend (02:27:22) Love Island:The Day After (02:46:50) Headlines: Mysterious Child Hepatitis outbreak, Nigeria win 100m hurdles in athletics  (02:53:08) Done Out 'Ere: Man who faked being a 17-year-old boy to claim asylum in UK (02:57:05) Outro


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